5 Ways to Learn Something New

17th November 2015

Education isn’t just about getting an MBA or a diploma, we have opportunities to learn new stuff all the time.

Of course, I’m not saying don’t do an MBA or diploma, if your goal is qualification based or you need certain qualifications to better yourself; then that’s fine, but in order to develop ourselves there is more opportunity to learn new things all the time.

The world is changing so rapidly, technological advances seem to happen by the week. New ways to communicate seem to happen by the day and just keeping up with things means there is a need to re-educate ourselves all the time.

And what’s wrong with that, we all learn continually in our daily lives without even realising it, so if we are doing that surely we could commit a bit further and put aside some time each week to learn more stuff and it could be easier than you think.

There’s tons of inspirational material out there just waiting to be consumed and the vast majority of it is completely free.

Articles, blogs, videos and stories are all over the net covering just about every topic imaginable, so a quick search is likely to find an item of content perfect for you.

So how about taking some time out each day to listen, watch and read some inspirational content on whatever subject appeals to you, it’s all there waiting for you and technology allows you to access it very easily.

So here are five ways to learn something new every day:


1. Download an audible book and listen to it whilst making your way to work in your car or on public transport. For less than a tenner you can download a talking book every month which makes it really good value (www.audible.co.uk)

2. If you prefer visual content then youtube is a fantastic way to tune into a guide or inspirational content which vary in length, an easy thing to do whilst you enjoy a lunchtime sandwich.

3. Podcasts are becoming really popular, lots of content, lots of subjects and a lot of authors or commentary within your chosen field of expertise. Free to download and many given regular updated content so you can get into the habit of listening to great regular content whenever it suits you to listen.

4. There are many short courses out there which you can enrol on and learn more about your chosen subject. Watch out in places like Twitter where many mobile trainers offer single day courses so that you can learn about just about anything. Particularly popular right now are social media courses, so you can learn better ways of using social media and getting better results.

5. The good old book, there is still nothing quite like removing yourself from the office mayhem and immersing yourself into a good book. A great way of stepping away from your desk, enjoying some fresh air and learning some stuff. A great portable way to educate yourself.


And, if you’ve got some content that you want to share with the world, then there are plenty of options to get your subject or whatever is on your mind mentioned. Try Medium a quick, easy and free way to get your thoughts published and out there. Medium is a blog sharing platform that enables you to upload your own blog to the site and read inspiring blogs from people around the world, www.medium.com.

So there you have it something to get you started and turn those short moments of wasted time into a quick way to learn something new.

Time is a commodity we tend to take for granted and we all spend too much of it at work, so why not take some inspiration from this article and set about learning something new and use your time more wisely.