Four Essentials of a Successful Pharmacy Refit

25th February 2016

As we well know, refitting a pharmacy takes a significant financial investment. It’s only natural that you want that investment to be spent as wisely and efficiently as possible. But when it comes to knowing where money is best spent on a refit, there can be so many options that the best course of action isn’t always clear.

So how do you ensure that you get the most bang for your buck when committing to a pharmacy refit?



Often an expert eye will be able to assess your current space and identify where changes could be made that will make the new space more efficient.

That might be increasing storage space, moving worktops, or readjusting the balance of shop floor and dispensary there are plenty of variables to consider when redesigning a space.


Once a designer has assessed your space, they’ll need to spend some time speaking to the people who use it.

They’ll get to grips with current demands on the space, and how those are likely to increase in future, as well as any obstacles staff encounter in their workspace on a daily basis.


Your designer should always work closely with you to ensure that they are working with the most up-to-date information, and to ensure you’re confident that their design meets the needs of your pharmacy.

They will also need to work closely with your chosen shopfitter to ensure new features of the pharmacy are implemented as designed.


All of the above steps are connected to design, the keystone of a successful pharmacy refit.

Design is fundamentally important in ensuring that an investment is spent wisely. It’s only with an expert design that you can be sure any changes made to a space aren’t merely for the sake of making it look good, but will also make your pharmacy more efficient.

Many people are labouring under the impression that a professional design is too expensive. In reality, the cost of an expert design for your pharmacy is small in comparison to the cost of physically refitting the space.

My final words of advice? Before you take any concrete steps toward refitting a pharmacy’s interior, make sure that you have the right plans in place.