Here’s the truth about the fast track to success

24th November 2015

Remember the old adage “You Reap what you Sow”? Well it’s definitely right but something is missing!

Since when can we go from sow directly to reap? I know it’s what so many people want, I mean we join the gym we want to get fit, lose some pounds and get fitter ready for the holiday, we work out for a couple of weeks and then look in the mirror and low and behold it’s made no difference, the results we so desperately crave just don’t match our expectations, so then we get downhearted and give up.

This seems to happen all the time, let’s think about business!

We come up with a fiendishly clever marketing campaign, and excited by the prospect, we work hard doing the set up work, send it out by our preferred marketing platform and wait. then a few weeks later nothing! How come we have no real results to show for our efforts?

It’s a fast paced world we live in today and so many demand quick fixes, a fast lane, or an express elevator to our desired results, we want to go directly from sow to reap in the shortest possible moments, so what’s missing?

Well what it should say is sow, CULTIVATE and then reap, the missing ingredient is CULTIVATE and another way to express cultivate is TIME!

Both of the examples above are well worked strategies that start well, but are rarely given the time needed to create results, so when we think of our gym and business examples, they both started well, full of all the right intentions, but we simply don’t allow the time for things to happen.

I would say concentrate on the long game, it’s rare for great things to be achieved in the shortest time periods, greatness usually comes over a much longer period.

How many times have you heard the expression  “a 10 year overnight sensation”, the truth is stuff takes a while, it’s a long game not a short game.

So here it is, set your expectations to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve and then develop your plan of action to do it and then make sure your missing ingredient isn’t missing TIME! Set a reasonable expectation and then just get on with it, make a start.

And one other thing, make sure your plan allows for doing something positive towards your goal every day. As time goes by it is amazing what can be achieved over TIME!