Making In-Store Theatre a Reality

15th February 2016

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about the importance of showmanship in pharmacy.

Now, it’s one thing to know that you need to bring a touch of theatre into your pharmacy to attract customers attention. It’s another to know exactly what you need to do in order to make that theatre a reality.

Realistically, we know that customers don’t walk into a pharmacy as part of a Saturday afternoon out. They’re not expecting you to sit them down with some popcorn and give them the performance of a lifetime.

What they do want and expect is expert help in finding the products and services they need.

So what does a space need in order to transform into the theatre of pharmacy you (and your customers) are dreaming of?



Sitting down gives your customer a moment to breathe. It’s a way to signal that they can take their time explaining what they need without being rushed.

Seats should be at least moderately comfy for maximum benefits you’ll want your customer to feel at ease, not on edge.



Your theatre shouldn’t be cramped or squashed into a space that couldn’t be used for anything else.

A customers experience should never feel like an afterthought, and it needs to be clear from the space that listening to your customer takes centre stage in your pharmacy. That doesn’t only apply to your shop floor a good space is essential for consultation rooms, too.


Face to Face Contact

A dedicated area for product demonstrations or just to answer customer questions enables pharmacy staff to engage with customers in a really personal way.

You could also use your consultation area for this, as another way of introducing customers to the services you offer.

With face to face contact, you’ll be humanising your pharmacy and the brilliant staff who work there, creating personal connections with your customers that will make them happy to return over and over.

All of this leads us to our final point…


Service With a Smile

When speaking with customers, it’s key to make sure they don’t feel rushed. Show that you’re happy to answer their questions and do justice to the space you’ve created!

If you can give the customer your undivided attention and the impression that you are really listening to their wants and needs, they’ll go away with a warm glow and the feeling that your pharmacy is the place to go for five-star service.