Making the Most of Small Workspaces

15th January 2016

Every inch of space inside a pharmacy is precious especially in the dispensary, where you’ll often have a team working closely together in a relatively confined area.

To make the most of small workspaces, you need to be smart about the way you work. These are just a few of the top tips we’ve picked up that will help you do just that…

Keep tabs on your co-workers

That doesn’t mean you need to come over all Big Brother on Monday morning, but to avoid bumping elbows or accidental collisions you’ll need to know where everyone else is at all times. As time goes on, you’ll develop a sense of how people move within your space and where they’ll be in relation to you. We’ve seen it time and again in close-knit pharmacy teams, and it’s like magic!

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A place for everything

and everything in its place. In small workspaces, you might not have as much available storage as you’d like, but you might also find when you look around that there are spaces dedicated to housing certain items (like files and other clutter) that aren’t being used for their original purpose. Keep wandering objects in their allocated areas to free up space and, as a bonus, avoid the stress of rooting around in mystery piles for that one file you can never seem to find.


Identify your bottlenecks

Work out where problems repeatedly occur, and whether those issues could be fixed. If it’s a structural issue such as pillars in awkward places it may be difficult to do something about them. However, the layout of small workspaces is generally flexible, and can be redesigned around features that are currently stopping you from working effectively.

What have we missed?

If you work in a small space every day, what are the tips and tricks you use to make sure your work flows smoothly?