One Chance To Get It Right

4th March 2022

Remember those air fix kits that were always around when you were younger? Perhaps a spitfire, Lancaster, or even something more modern like a tornado? Well, they are still around I’m pleased to say, and there are people out there who still build them for pleasure and some who even make money from their efforts. They are professionals, who take huge pride in what they do and use their experience to create perfect, stunning results.

Thinking back to my younger days, some people used to put these things together really quickly. They didn’t focus on the detail, didn’t have the right paint, or the right glue but it would do, they added the decals at the end that weren’t straight and, not surprisingly, the finish wasn’t really there. It was a bit of enjoyable fun, but the finished article wasn’t something to behold!

It’s a bit like that when we think of designing pharmacies, you see experience always counts – there’s nothing stopping you having a go, but the outcome may not be a reflection of the vision you had when you started.

Maybe you didn’t plan the space that well, maybe you didn’t realise what would be the best medicine storage methods, maybe you didn’t plan the consultation room and it turned out too small. You may have come unstuck because you didn’t factor in building regulations for the overall plan, and now you don’t comply, so the Local Authority are demanding you change things, costing you even more money that perhaps you don’t have. Or maybe you didn’t get the data and electrics right, so you’ve had to make do with trailing cables across your shiny new worktop.

The thing is, your pharmacy space isn’t an air fix model. It will always be a considerable investment in your space and you’ve only got one chance to get it right. So, speak to a pharmacy designer – someone who has the experience and the knowledge – someone who can deliver the perfect space guaranteed; speak to T3 Pharmacy Design.

We are the glue that binds the complete project from start to finish!

Finally, many thanks to my good pal, Mike Tipping MD of Chameleon design and print, for the kind use of his stunning models used in this post.