Practical Can Be Beautiful

19th February 2016

Think of the word practical, and what images come to mind? For me, it’s green wellies and sensible raincoats neither of which, I’m sure you’ll agree, are the most beautiful of items.

I’d be surprised if you could remember a time when you showed somebody a new pair of wellies and heard them say cool, I love them, they’re so practical! in response. What do we have against practicality?

More often than not, when we say something is practical, it’s a grudging compliment. What we’re really saying is yes, at least it does what it’s supposed to efficiently, but thats about it.

In our designs, one key thing is making sure that we create a space which can keep up with all the demands put upon a busy pharmacy.

Both the shop floor and the dispensary need to be areas which allow people to flow freely, which have adequate storage space and worktops, and importantly, which work together to ensure that the pharmacy is running as efficiently as it possibly can.

In other words, we need to design a practical space one that can handle everything thats asked of it and more.

A practical design like this is, in many ways, the foundation of a pharmacy’s success.

There’s something truly special about something that’s designed to do a job perfectly. So why don’t we give a practical the recognition it deserves?

Now, admittedly, a casual observer is unlikely to be floored by the efficiency of your workspace. First impressions, as we all know, often boil down to looks. Your excellent, efficient pharmacy needs a way to wow customers the minute they walk through the door.


Just like plain green wellies can be improved on with various visual details polka dots, zebra stripes, coloured treads, the list goes on your pharmacy design can be unique and interesting, drawing attention to the great space and to the great work your team is doing.

The point is, something which does its job to perfection shouldn’t have to look boring.

Something really efficient, which works brilliantly, is worth drawing attention to. Its design should reflect that. Whether its in a bold colour palette, interesting shop floor layout, a seating space as a focal point in the room, or something else entirely, you can make sure your pharmacy attracts the attention it deserves.

I say its time to bring the beauty back to practical spaces. Let’s make pharmacies which work well for staff and customers, and which look good, too.