Three Keys to great business partnerships

6th May 2016

I was badly let down yesterday. Let down because someone promised me something and at the eleventh and a half hour then didn’t deliver on it!

It hit me like a freight train one of those huge ones that hold you up at the crossings for what seems like an eternity.

I spent the rest of the day trying to say to myself, well that’s the sort of things that happen in business – move on and forget about it. But no matter how hard I tried I really struggled to forget it. So why is that? Well putting it simply, I move heaven and earth in my business world not to let people down, and I impress this philosophy onto my team because it’s important to me that every customer receives a great service from us so that hopefully they will return time and time again. A simple philosophy shared by a lot of people and yet for some, letting people down seems to be acceptable and commonplace.

I firmly believe that after eleven and a half years in business we have gained a great reputation, because we care deeply about what we do, and that we will go the extra mile for the customer to make sure we meet or exceed their expectations.

It’s based on three factors – Know Like and Trust

We make a great deal of effort to work really closely with our customers, getting to know each other well is the first key factor in creating great business partnerships.

The leads nicely to the second factor in which we enjoy a relationship based on like: we like working with them and they like working with us.

It makes working together so much nicer and easier and Fun!

And then Trust. Obviously Trust takes time to develop, but can be quickly established if time and effort are taken early with the emphasis on giving value and expertise rather than the pound notes element of a customer/supplier relationship.

Know, Like and Trust are the three keys to successful business relationships proven time and time again.

And as for the business that let me down, well I’ve moved on now, and whilst I was super-disappointed at the non-event, the experience only proves what I already know about business in that the ones who truly work hard on developing their business relationships are the ones that will be more successful in the long game.