UK Pharmacies can’t keep waiting for a safe time to invest in change.

16th March 2020

Are you waiting for a green light, for someone to tell you that now is the right time to make your move?

UK Pharmacy PLC has been a tough place to be in recent years and there isn’t much sign of improvement. So maybe it’s time to buck the trend and move forward with positivity? It seems like there are a lot of folks just waiting for something to happen before they make a move, but what if nothing ever comes? We’ve seen pharmacies closing down in numbers waiting for this green light…maybe we need to make the changes ourselves first.

I spend my whole business life in pharmacy. I know there is a whole bunch of talented people and organisations out there, eager to shine and move forward, but perhaps waiting for a green light from somewhere, someone to tell them to go.

The subject of last year’s pharmacy summit was ‘thrive’, which is apt, and I was encouraged by the huge turnout at the C&D awards last May, a super encouraging night which did a lot to celebrate the many successes in Pharmacy, but still, much of the talk was about tough times.

But every now and then I come across individuals bucking the trend, positive entrepreneurial folk, pushing on regardless, not prepared to wait, they have gone out and sought investment themselves and see the current market as an opportunity.

I’m happy to say we are working with a few right now, helping them to introduce automation into their pharmacy operations, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see such spirited positive people wanting to get on and strike while the irons hot, keen to make a difference to the pharmacy landscape.

All business needs to change to survive and the pharmacy sector is no different. Sure, there are challenges in how revenues will be created in future times, perhaps it’s less about script production and more about services. Investment in technology can make a difference – using robots to carry out mundane tasks leaving highly-trained staff to look after patients. Pharmacy has a massive part to play in an integrated healthcare system in this country, but pharmacies need to survive to do that. As is usually the case with surviving, adapting to change is the key.

I truly believe there’s a lot to be grateful for, in pharmacy, UK Pharmacy PLC is a place to be proud of. With some nudges in the right direction and a few more bold entrepreneurial folk who just say ‘let’s just do it’, the pharmacy world can start turning a corner to where it needs to be for the future.