Well I guess I like their brown vans?

20th May 2016

The other day I was enjoying a discussion with a group of business owners that I know, and someone asked what brand we admired and why?

Well all the regular names came out that you would expect Apple, Nike, Virgin, etc. all for very good reasons.

I came up with UPS! Which kind of raised a few eyebrows, probably because it wasn’t one of the usual stock of names put forward.

But for me, UPS is a brand that I like, and I like them for lots of reasons, I like that they are successful, I like that they’ve been around for a long time, They give out a feeling of a well organised dependable business, I like that they just concentrate on doing one thing and doing that one thing really well, and the last more sentimental reason was, I guess I just like there brown vans, you know the big brown box style vans with sliding doors, synonymous with the US parcel carrier, but seen on the UK’s streets everyday.

I know to some this will be a left field choice but certainly worthy of inclusion, but probably the reason why I like them the most is because their values so closely match my business, as we have been around for a while, we are well organised and we concentrate on doing one thing really well, we just don’t have the brown vans! maybe we have to work on that bit.

The important part of this story is that people Know, Like and trust brands and for me UPS represents a good trustworthy and reliable parcel carrier. We are working hard make sure that our brand is just as recognisable in our market place as a business that is also truly Trustworthy and dependable, a business that will get your retail and pharmacy stores designed faster and tills ringing quicker.