Work With The Experts

28th January 2016

Pharmacies face challenges not found in any other shop. Whilst the customer might wander in, recognise it as retail, and be happy browsing products while they wait for their prescription, you and I know there is so much more going on. Ensuring your designer understands the unique needs of the pharmacy both behind the counter and on the shop floor is vital to sustainable success. This is especially true given recent government announcements.


So what does a dedicated pharmacy designer bring to the equation?


First and foremost, an understanding that the real heart of your operation is the dispensary, and that efficiencies and cost-savings there are the key factors in whether your bottom line is looking healthy. Accuracy, efficiency and speed are all vital to a successful operation, and not something that your usual shop fitters always consider.


We’ve developed automated processes for clients that drive huge savings in the long term, along with smaller, more practical redesigns that simply make better use of the space available. Some key things to consider when enhancing your pharmacy include:



Research shows that workflow redesign improves dispensing activity and frees up more time that can be used for interaction with customers, thus enabling up-sells, better customer service and greater patient care. Crucially, an improved workflow design reduces handling errors at all stages – fundamental for any pharmacy.



The bane of every pharmacist’s life? We speak to so many pharmacists who think there will simply never be enough storage – a good design takes away this problem and make storage worries a thing of the past.



Lighting may seem like an obvious thing, but well lit work areas are key to reducing error rates. You need appropriate lighting for staff areas and customer areas, that highlights products and offers and allows optimum dispensing.



Again, another simple thing but fundamental to ensuring customers aren’t confused or getting in the way. Strong signage helps everyone: new customers, loyal returners and staff.



A space for confidential conversations with customers is key, to protect your professional obligation and make them feel valued, listened to and secure.
And the list goes on. Other factors such as security, noise levels, temperature and staff numbers are also important, and as pharmacy design experts we look at all of this and more to create a space that perfectly fits your current – and growing – needs.