Working With A Space

16th December 2015

You know the scene: the sofa that’s just way too big for the room; the bed that you have to squeeze around to get to the wardrobe; the door that opens inward and hits everyone in the face. Sure, you put up with them, they’ve even become a warm and familiar joke but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!


On the list of reasons why we do things, doing something because it’s always been like that is possibly the worst reason going. And yet we all see it so often in this line of work. Sadly, working with a space instead of against is still a novelty in most pharmacies.


Every pharmacy is different, and every pharmacy has its own unique space with which to work. Whether you have an abundance of windows or none at all, tall rooms or low ceilings, rectangular walls or an shaped nightmare, there is always a way of making the most of the space available and designing a pharmacy that works for you.


Very few things are as important to the accuracy and efficiency of a busy pharmacy than a functioning workflow and a functioning workflow simply isn’t possible in a badly designed space.


Working with the building is fundamental in creating a layout that drives efficiency and reduces errors and waiting times.


  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • How many work stations do you need?
  • How is stock managed – from delivery to script fulfillment?


Whatever your situation, whatever your space, we can help analyse how to make workflows more ergonomic and how to support staff with the right equipment to manage every aspect of prescribing medication.


Effective use of space like this empowers staff, reduces waiting times, minimises errors and keeps customers happy. No more banging elbows!