How to Make the Most of Your Consultation Room.

12th March 2020

More than ever before, today’s modern pharmacy is at the forefront of healthcare provision in the UK. Challenged with assisting to reduce pressure on the GP, our pharmacy Healthcare Professionals are ready and more than capable of assisting their patients and customers.

But what about the Consultation Room, are our consultation rooms up to the task too?

Here are my Top 5 tips to achieving the perfect pharmacy consulting spaces.

1. Privacy.

Our patients and customers expect privacy. they must be confident that they are able to discuss their medical matters with complete confidentiality.

The days of a pull round curtain are long gone. With modern building materials and methods, confidential rooms can be achieved with relative ease, and without breaking the bank.

2. Room Size

Every pharmacy is different, the size and shape of the pharmacy space vary every time, and so the consultation room must adapt to this space. But that doesn’t mean our customers should be expected to squeeze into a tiny space.

Our room must be adequately sized and a proper healthcare space – providing comfortable seating for three people, including the healthcare professional, the patient and in some cases their chaperone. Also bear in mind that any new consultation room must be DDA compliant so that patients with mobility challenges can access the space with ease.

 3. Location

The Consultation room must be an easily accessible room straight off the pharmacy sales floor, no convoluted trip to a dodgy backroom, our space must be conveniently accessed for patient and staff alike. A purpose-made space in the heart of the pharmacy.

4. Well Equipped Healthcare space.

Our Consultation room should be well equipped with bespoke cupboards worktops, wash hand basin soap and towel dispensers. Everything a patent would expect to see in a proper healthcare space.

The look and feel of the room must ooze healthcare, your space needs to be the first place to go for healthcare advice and services in your locality, to make it #pharmacyfirst

5. Designed and Planned – considered space.

It’s not just a case of creating a little room in the corner with a couple of chairs. These spaces must be fit for purpose and taking the time to design the space properly will always deliver the right result for the customer and staff alike.

Our consultation space should be light and airy with purpose-made fitted cupboards, worktops, wash hand basin and appropriate seating. Creating exactly the right professional environment for Healthcare.

And a final thought…

A well designed and planned pharmacy space delivers the needs of the patients, customers and staff. A well-appointed consultation space can help deliver additional revenues through the services offered there too.

Consider your space fully. If you have a good space available, why not provide an additional consultation couch? Consider partnering with other local healthcare practitioners to extend the range of healthcare services available, and really make that space work for your pharmacy business?