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Automated Pharmacy

Automated Pharmacy

Through the use of advanced robotics and software systems to automate the prescription filling process, our automated pharmacy offers a range of benefits, such as:

Speeding up script productions:
Robots don’t need tea breaks. They don’t get tired or distracted. They’re the pinnacle of efficiency. This means they can put together prescriptions quickly and consistently.

Pinpoint accuracy:
Unlike we humans, robots rely on barcode technology to put together prescriptions, which allows them to reduce the possibility of error and improve patient safety, a powerful thing for any pharmacy.

Acting as a high-volume storage system, robots can be used to store stock, including over-the-counter medication and scripts waiting.

Better customer service:
An efficient robot backstage in the dispensary enables all pharmacy staff to spend more time with the customer. Your pharmacy will be able to provide dedicated, focused healthcare to patients, so they’ll leave feeling looked after and will come back time and again.

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Since 2005 we have successfully designed more than 1500 pharmacies for every type of space imaginable – so you can be assured that our incredible design team have the right solution for your business. Investment in your future pharmacy success begins with talking to one of our specialist pharmacy designers.
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We know that in Pharmacy, every project is different, and we treat every project with a starting from scratch philosophy. To complement our philosophy we have developed a very effective seven step process which we utilise every time to help achieve truly great pharmacy spaces and here’s how we do it.

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