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The most important stage in the development of your Pharmacy. Our Specialist Pharmacy designers will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve from your new pharmacy space and how your business currently performs at an operational level. This understanding helps our design team to deliver exactly the right solution for your future business needs.


(Not required for every project). Sometimes we need more detail of the existing Pharmacy building interior and shopfront so that we can be exactly sure of what space is available for the new design. Our experienced Surveying team can complete a full measured survey quickly and easily within a single day so that we have all the detailed information we need to progress the project onwards successfully.


Our Specialist Pharmacy designer will create concept layouts for you which provide an early indication of dispensing workflows, equipment positions, Consultation room layouts and customer fixtures which will be presented to you for consideration. We will take time to explain the designs and to answer any specific questions you may have. We can also agree any changes that you may desire before concept approval.


With concept approved Our Project team will now create the working drawings, which will form the basis of all the constructional elements needed to move your project from design into the implementation stage. These drawings include all the specific technical and constructional details needed. These drawings can also be used for competitive tender purposes so that you can achieve a value for money outcome for your project.


We will also deal with all the necessary regulatory matters like planning permission Building Regulation Approval, and Signage approvals, which may be required for your Pharmacy project. Our Admin team will work on your behalf to provide all necessary customer support to ensure a timely and stress free journey through the planning stages ensuring all regulatory matters are completed satisfactorily.


Our design work is now complete, but our job is not yet done. We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide, and once on site activities have commenced our Pharmacy designer will make regular site visits and inspections at key stages of the build. These visits are planned to ensure your project is progressing well to the intended design, budget and timescales, and to answer any questions at this critical stage.

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We know that in Pharmacy, every project is different, and we treat every project with a starting from scratch philosophy. To complement our philosophy we have developed a very effective seven step process which we utilise every time to help achieve truly great pharmacy spaces and here’s how we do it.


NHS Foundation Trust

North Tees & Hartlepool

A bright and crisp high street look was called for here and that's exactly what was delivered. Starting with the dispensing and finishing with the sales and Consultation room, we were able to firstly design a concept and a layout that suited their needs exactly, then support the build process through to handover, all of this against tight project deadlines. We are all delighted with the outcome and pleased to say that the result is spectacular for the Hospital, its staff and customers. Exactly what the doctor ordered.


The Trusts first Retail Pharmacy


# of weeks build time

  T3 Pharmacy Design Client
Delivering to the highest standard
"As the Commercial Project team wanted a high quality and high street look and finish to its Pharmacy they had discussions with Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy local contacts who both advised and recommended T3."
T3 Pharmacy Design Client
Tony Wilson
Commercial Development Manager
North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.
Meet Chris: An Experienced Professional in the Industry

After a lifetime in retail pharmacy working for some of the biggest pharmacy Businesses, Chris founded T3 back in 2005 and since then the practice has grown around his creative passion and interest in the Pharmacy sector.

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