So, how’s it done?

it’s about taking time to establish the rules, learn the key components, the must haves, the exceptions, the things that make it a good Boots layout. It’s so important we get this spot-on right from the start its where the consistency comes from.

We add it to…
Our unique detailed layout process created to suit the exact needs of our customer, we’ve been doing this ever since our business started back in 2005, its one of the reasons why our customers continue to work with us all these years later.

At the heart of it…
Is a rigorous checking function that all layouts must pass before going anywhere near the customer, it’s the main component in making sure the layout is presented exactly how the customer wants it, and further drives consistency.

And what about the team?
We have a handpicked team of designers dedicated to pharmacy only, that’s what we do 100% of the time, in fact we are the only design team in the UK purely dedicated to pharmacy spaces, which means you can be assured we have the perfect team you need to deliver your next pharmacy project.

Which means we’re a flexible option…
Our experienced team are here for you exactly when you need them, so they don’t cost you a penny when you don’t, a natural cost effective extension to your own layout team whenever you need extra support.

So here’s the deal…
Why not try before you buy?
We will produce up to 5 pharmacy layout plans totally FREE OF CHARGE so you can see for yourself how we work, how our service differs from others out there, and how you can get consistent high quality layouts to your exact specifications quickly and easily.

So why are we offering this?
Quite Simply I’ve found that as soon as people test our service and see the results, they’re hooked, they love it, and I’ve learned that providing a few FREE LAYOUTS we stand a better chance of working with you in the long run.

Then of course there is our GUARANTEE…
If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, then you don’t need to pay a thing, and your next layout will be on us.
We only offer this as we are super-confident of our abilities and our track record speaks for itself, once a new customer comes onboard with us, they stay with us, they like working with us and we like working with them. It’s a WIN-WIN.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating and using the trial layout offer gives you the chance to instantly form your own impression, and that’s it, no strings no obligation.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say…

“A complex project made easy by the guys at T3. We are delighted with the outcomes, especially the significant uplift in prescription volume”
Fraser Frame – Morrisons

“T3 understand what we want to achieve and can quickly find the best solution for our business every time. It’s their knowledge of pharmacy and the nice way they do business that makes the difference”
Chris Ball – Hub Pharmacy

“We have worked with T3 as our primary store design partner for many Years and the team have been integral to turning our vision into reality, right every time”

If you’re not concerned about quality and the impact good quality layouts have on your staff, associates and customers, then maybe we aren’t for you. If on the other hand, you truly appreciate the importance of consistent superbly presented high quality layouts and the positive impact this creates, then I urge you to contact us via the form below.

And the catch…
There isn’t one as long as you respond before the end of March 2018, because we can’t hold this offer open indefinitely.

If you would like to chat further, please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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