Scripts Waiting: pharmacy’s greatest challenge?

4th March 2022

Picture it. Pre-prepared prescriptions piled up on workbenches, tables, stools, desks and covering the floor in mounds. It’s every pharmacists nightmare, but sadly it’s becoming an all-too-familiar problem.

Pre-prepared prescriptions are a great idea in theory. The idea is to ensure a shorter wait time for patients and a smooth and steady flow of traffic through the pharmacy.

If there’s nowhere to keep prescriptions once they’re ready for collection, however, it can be difficult for pharmacies to keep up with the demands for storage they’re now subject to.

medicx storage 3

As a pharmacist, you need to know that you can work efficiently and not be picking your way around piles of prescriptions awaiting pickup. More than that, you know that to ensure patient safety you’ll have to store medication safely and avoid any of the mixups that can happen when working in a crowded, messy space.

medicx storage 1

Prioritising these responsibilities means that, for many pharmacies who find space is at a premium, the only real course of action is to continue making up prescriptions as and when customers come in to collect them. Of course, that means that neither you nor your patient are getting the benefits of reduced waiting times.

There are no two ways about it. The storage issue is one of the most pressing for pharmacies all over the world and that’s partly because it’s a tough problem to solve. Obviously you can’t just conjure more space out of nowhere. Don’t despair, though“ it’s possible to make even the smallest of spaces more efficient.

medicx storage 2

A well-designed dispensary that makes use of all available space is really key in avoiding problems like those I’ve mentioned above.
If your workspace is able to cope not only with current demands but also with increased demand for storage in the future, you’ll be able to focus all your attention on the work that really matters and not scratching your head over stock.